Graduate Student
Department of Computer Science
University of Califonia, San Diego
Office: CSE 3148
Curriculum Vitae


I’m a fourth year PhD student at UCSD working with the Programming Systems Group. I’m currently working with Nadia Polikarpova on program synthesis.

Programming computers is hard, and I would like to make it easier. To that end, I'm interested in how programming languages can facilitate the development of fast and correct software. I'm generally interested in functional programming, type systems, and formal methods. My current work on program synthesis seems like a promising way to allow programmers to write code at a much higher level of abstraction than current programming languages allow.

I did my undergrad in Computer Science and Mathematics at Grinnell College in Iowa. There, I worked on high-speed GPU algorithms for order statistic selection with Jeffrey Blanchard.


CSE 20 Summer Session 2 2021