Resource Aware Program Synthesis

Modern tools for the synthesis of general-purpose programs generally do not take into account the implementation’s resource usage. To that end, we are developing ReSyn, a program synthesizer that uses a static resource analysis to guide the search process. ReSyn utilizes a novel polymorphic, dependent, and affine type system to specify functional properties and analyze the programs’ resource usage.

Synthesizing Safe Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems can be used to model a variety of cyberphysical systems. I am working with Sicun Gao and Gaurav Mahajan to develop a tool that, when possible, completes partially specified hybrid systems in order to provably satisfy user-provided safety conditions. We synthesize a control program alongside a proof of its unbounded safety.

Past Projects

GPU Multiselection

Selecting order statistics is a ubiquitous problem in large-scale data analysis. Choosing only 101 or 1001 uniformly distributed order statistics can give one an excellent understanding of the overall distribution of the dataset. Existing algorithms to solve this are either slow (like the naive sort-and-choose approach) or imprecise (like various bootstrapping-based algorithms). By using a distributed network of GPUs we can simultaneously select multiple order statistics from datasets with billions of elements without approximation.